Ageless Secrets: DNA Detox

Ageless Secrets: DNA Detox

Happy New Year! With new happiness! And with the New Detox! The detox season in Russia opens after the holidays. What is detox?

Many are involved in detox in India and in specialized centers in Europe and Russia, but not everyone knows what it really is and what detoxes are. To begin with, there are many different detoxes. For example, detox of the whole organism, when we remove alcohol intoxication or heavy metal poisoning, is the global approach of integrative detox in case of serious poisoning. There is organ detox when, for example, the liver or intestines are cleaned. There are many procedures for these purposes in Ayurvedic medicine and not only. There is a detox specifically aimed at the skin or so that the whites of the eyes turn bluer. There are blood detox-special techniques for cleansing structures. And these are all different protocols. Quantum detox is a detox using quantum medicine. We carry it out, as a rule, at the level of cells.

And there is a detox which I want to tell you about today is the genetic aspects of detox. Detox DNA is something from which all detox procedures, one way or another, are directly related, as this is the basis, the foundation of the basics. It is from DNA that we need to start when we talk about detox. From the genetic point of view, the detox processes are biotransformation system. It is with this system that the meeting of us and the external environment begins. Since, everything that enters our body passes through this system.

It consists of 2 phases. When everything that we eat, drink, smoke enters our body, it enters 1 phase of activation. As a result of this activation, tactical intermediate molecules are formed. They are formed at all! After that, the molecules enter phase 2 of the detox itself. From a genetic and biochemical point of view, detox is phase 2 biotransformation. The genes that are responsible for detox have the same structure as your ficus on the window and any other plant. They are so important that evolution has preserved its structure from plants and bacteria to us.

Detox genes can be active or in the form of 0-no activity. From here begins the story of detox. How to start genetic detox?

Phase 1 is encoded by cytochrome genes. They activate everything that enters the body. And phase 2 neutralizes. In order for less intermediate toxic molecules to form, we need phase to be calm and phase 2 to be active. One important rule of nutrigenomics is that everything that enters our body either activates or slows down the work of our genes. Based on this principle, for phase 1 we need inhibitors that reduce the activity of phase 1 genes for less toxic substances. And for phase 2, we need activators. These gene activators are key in the history of genetic detox, rejuvenation and protection against cancer.

What applies to these antioxidants?

This includes all products that contain lycopene, the main gene activator. These are all fruits, vegetables that have a red or pinkish color: tomatoes, strawberries, apricot, red orange, pink grapefruit and a combination of these products. In this way, we can stimulate genetic detox.   Of course, individual genetic detox programs using nutrigenomics are done as part of our programs and consultations, since we all have different starting data. But if you understand what detox is from a genetic point of view, it will be easier for you to build other knowledge and methods of detox on this main base. 

We will continue in our next shows.