Secrets of Rejuvenation

Secrets of Rejuvenation and 21st Century Gene Regulation

We have already introduced our readers to Professor Monaco Elena Baranova.Today we will talk about the drugs she created.

When did you start creating your own drugs?

Advising patients on nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics in the early 2000s, I was faced with the fact that among the drugs on the world market there were few working.

The official French statistics on dietary supplements is as follows: 97% of drugs are ineffective due to low dosages and improper composition or due to their incorrect intake.

This led me to create drugs. The easiest way was to write formulas: I knew how to do everything and what really needed. The search for high-quality raw materials and the right production was much more difficult. I wanted to create such drugs so that no one had an analogy with taking medications. We do health medicine, and this is a completely different story, not related to disease. Vitamins should give the same joy and aesthetic pleasure, as, for example, good cosmetics.

All my drugs are made in Western Europe. We work only with the best manufacturers — both in raw materials and in packaging. Capsules are produced in Germany, Holland and Belgium. Liquid preparations are in Switzerland. Thanks to professional dosages, we have created a capsule for taking one per day, and one package is enough for a month. Now no one wants to carry kilograms of boxes with them — everything should be efficient and compact.

What kind of drugs do you offer?

In my line there is the drug Energie I (Energy I) — a new generation antioxidant that restores cellular respiration, gives an energy charge, protects blood vessels with new generation antioxidants. It greatly enhances activity. Frankly, a good half of prominent Russian politicians and businessmen live on this drug.

Energy I, unlike all others, is taken symptomatically at any time of the day to maintain activity throughout the day. It also accelerates the withdrawal of alcohol from the body (1-2 tablets are enough to relieve a hangover syndrome), improves brain function, increases cellular respiration, stimulating the work of DNA. I use this drug on trips to be in good shape. Energy I is suitable for smokers, as it protects blood vessels from cramping. It is effective for those who have suffered a heart attack and stroke, other serious illnesses: regeneration is faster, the effect of other drugs is enhanced.

The second group is detoxification, gene stimulation, and genetic profile transformation. After 35 years, whatever the genetic resource, the work of genes begins to decline. Carrying out detox at the cellular level and stimulating gene activity is very important. The composition of the drug Lycogebe (Detox II Stimulator) includes a strong antioxidant lycopene of high concentration. This drug also has a wonderful cosmetic effect — improving the structure of the skin with the appearance of a gentle peach hue. It is taken, as a rule, in 2 months courses.

A special category of drugs is aimed at restoring sleep. We also have drugs to restore neurotransmitters, they improve brain function, activate memory.

A whole group of drugs with activated resveratrol is actively used in techniques of rejuvenation, anti-aging and hormonal regulation. Resveratrol is essential for healthy vessels and the brain, for triggering anti-aging, and also as an additional regulator of gene activity. It is extremely useful for women whose body produces toxic estrogens, leading, as you know, to the development of breast cancer. Our drugs reduce their production and, accordingly, prevent oncology in women. It is also recommended for male smokers.

Our preparation of a highly activated spectrum of B vitamins allows us to adjust the function of DNA, namely homocysteine ​​genes. The less homocysteine, the better. With high homocysteine, spasms of the cardiovascular system, heart attacks occur, and this does not come from cholesterol, as previously thought, but from problems with homocysteine.

The same parameter of homocysteine ​​is responsible for the work of the brain, for the health of the vessels of the brain, memory, health and the gastrointestinal tract, plus a woman — for reproductive health.

Also in our lineup there are liquid preparations of quantum genomics — very powerful drugs whose action is based on the use of various activated trace elements. They are made in Switzerland. For many years I have been working with a famous Swiss scientist who, as an astrophysicist, has worked for NASA for over 10 years. Our joint developments have given birth to new genomics drugs. They use highly activated sulfur, which is prepared practically according to alchemical recipes, which allows us to achieve a high detox effect. They are taken in a short course, 2 or 3 weeks maximum, due to their very strong effect.

There are no analogues to our preparations; these are especially protected formulas.

Photo by Dmitriy Eliseev