ANTI-AGING by DR BARANOVA: “Traps” of the Winter Season

“Traps” of the Winter Season

Advising patients from different countries with various problems and goals, I increasingly see how people who are engaged in their health, regardless of their education and country of residence, regularly fall into dangerous «traps». For many this is very expensive both materially and physically. Instead of promoting health, they face serious disruptions in the body.What are the typical «traps» of the winter season ?

Trap 1: “Muesli and cereal for breakfast”

The habit of eating granola and cereal for breakfast has very serious consequences, especially in people over 35 years old. After all, it is at this age that our gene activity begins to decrease and the production of hormones slows down. In simple words, you do not want to accelerate the decline in your hormonal levels — stop eating these foods in the morning. Why? They have the property of binding and eliminating some hormones from the body, including thyroid and sex hormones (testosterone, estrogens). In addition, for chronobiological activation of the synthesis of thyroid hormones, as well as neurotransmitters (molecules that ensure the effective functioning of the brain), we need amino acids contained in proteins. That is why real anti-aging food always includes a protein breakfast. A cereal is better left for lunch.

Trap 2: “Restrictive diets in winter”

A complete exclusion or insufficient use of fats and proteins in nutrition, especially in the winter, leads to a decrease in immunity, thinning of cell membranes and acceleration of aging processes. Typical symptoms of onset of deficiency are dry, thin skin and accelerated wrinkle formation. In addition to external manifestations, a deficiency of fats and proteins leads not only to a decrease in hormonal levels, but also to insufficient production of neurotransmitters, which significantly contributes to the development of fatigue. It is important to know that all types of sugar (including not only desserts, but also sweet drinks, honey, alcohol) contribute to weight gain, and not so much fatty acids and proteins that we need. However, for effective weight control and detox, fasting days once a week on light vegetable soup or ginger tea with lemon are very useful.

Trap 3: "Caution with moisturizing the skin"

Moisturizing the skin is undoubtedly very important for maintaining its balance. However, if the outside temperature is below zero, it is not worth applying a moisturizer in the morning. Use nutritious serums. For oily skin, a peptide-based care program is suitable.

Trap 4: "Reduced Physical Activity"

Very often in winter we play much less sports, for which we have to pay in the early spring, when everyone urgently tries to get in shape before the start of the summer season. Although physical activity in winter will help us not only maintain weight, but also stimulate the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter of pleasure and good mood, as well as other active molecules, which are so necessary for brain function. Interestingly, a deficiency of serotonin also increases appetite, leading to morning fatigue and anxiety. However, if you want to get the maximum result from playing sports, then exercise in the afternoon or in the evening. It is at this time that our metabolism slows down — about twice as compared to the morning hours.

Morning is best left for energy practices such as yoga. These activities activate your energy meridians and charge you with positive for the whole day.

FOR ADVANCED USERS: What is useful to do in winter? In winter, it is important to pay increased attention to the development of neurotransmitters that provide active brain function. Deficiency of these molecules inevitably leads to the development of fatigue and poor mood. For actively working and traveling people, we recommend a recovery course for the development of neurotransmitters, which will significantly reduce fatigue. This is especially important for people over 35 years old, since at this age, a physiological decrease in gene activity and hormone production begins. You can take the unique opportunity to create an individual program (if necessary, with individual hormonal regulation) in our center in Monaco. We compose and conduct for our customers combined quantum recovery programs, not forgetting the exceptional possibilities of quantum medicine, which activates and optimizes the metabolic processes of our body. This approach enhances the effects of gene and hormonal regulation and allows for faster results.