Baranova Monaco’s Complementary New Food Supplements


Baranova Monaco's Complementary
New Food Supplements

Baranova Monaco has created a new range of food supplements designed to complement its unique Genomics wellness programme.

Genomics, developed by Professor Elena Baranova, interprets genetic data by integrating the synergies between lifestyle, medical history, nutrition and psychological data in relation to each individual. It then provides an personalised programme of recommendations on which to live life for optimal benefit.

The new range of food supplements — the Baranova Monaco ReGene collection — combines the health benefits of micro nutrients, trace elements, amino acids, vitamins and natural anti-oxidants to support inner health, brain performance and outer beauty.

The supplements are not only being prescribed as part of one of the Baranova Monaco Expert Programmes but are also being launched to purchase separately.

Included are four categories — ReGene Zen, ReGene Essence, ReGene Detox and ReGene Beauty.

ReGene Zen comprises Zen II — Serenity; ReGene Essence includes Essence I Resvaraforte, Essence II — Homocysteine Support, and Essence III — Vessel Support; ReGene Detox consists of Detox I — Starter and Detox II — Stimulator; and ReGene Beauty features Beauty I — Youth & Beauty Elixir.

All the supplements are free from parabens, pesticides, dioxins and GMO.