Choose Your Age!

Choose Your Age!

The question, how old are we, actually sounds today more and more loudly. Obviously, progressive humanity wants to live long, remaining a healthy and active member of society. Professor of Medicine Elena BARANOVA has been studying this topic for a long time at her Center in Monaco. An international expert on the genomics of health and personalized medicine, a member of the World Council of Anti-Aging Medicine, she has created unique personalized programs and drugs for gene and hormonal regulation based on scientific research in quantum medicine and other areas of modern science, successfully using it in working with her patients from all over of the world. The MONACO correspondent spoke with Professor Baranova on this fascinating topic.

Elena, what is the vision for age problems today?

The question is how old you are, not only doctors ask, they are interested in administrative institutions, but you have to ask it yourself: how old are you really? The fact is that the story is more complicated than it seems at first glance. We distinguish several types of age: chronological, biological and psychological.

Please keep the timeline in your passport for administrative papers or border guards. It does not reflect your well-being or condition. This is just the date you came to this world.

Biological age — everyone cares about him, they pay attention to him. And things are mixed with him. We can have a heart for 25 years, but a brain for 80. This pattern is often observed in people after 40, who are too fond of restrictive diets, switch to vegetarianism, excluding proteins and fats of animal origin. Because of which the steroid metabolism collapses, hormones are not synthesized, many of which are responsible for memory. Such people may have a young cardiac system (and this is not always the case), but with regard to the brain and neurotransmitters, things are exceptionally bad; disturbed primarily by short-term memory.

It is also important to understand what you have done with your genes, with your innate potential, and in this connection the most important question arises — your psychological age, because it determines our condition and quality of life. The psychological age has absolutely clear criteria — a projection into the future: the more ideas and plans you have, the younger you are. This is what psychological age is so important. Look around, many people do not seem to have wrinkles, are overweight, they go in for sports, but because of their dead eyes they do not look young at all.

What is the explanation for this?

Missing young energy. This is usually associated with a lack of desires, dreams, joys of life. Why? This is another question, and we can return to it in our subsequent interviews.

And now, speaking of age, it is interesting to note the social aspects of antiaging — a new feature of the 21st century.

And what has changed in this direction in recent years?

Perhaps the new generation does not know that in the 80s in medicine there was an official term “late nulliparous,” referring to 25-year-olds and older. Marriages then usually took place before the age of 25, it was the age of marriage. Probably, many have heard of the “To 30” clubs, and it sounded not just like the last chance, but “the train left”. The world began to change dramatically in the early 90s, a huge breakthrough was made, and the main merit belongs not even to scientists and doctors, but to the unique Hollywood actress Sharon Stone, who, at 36 years old playing in the movie «Casino», was officially recognized as a sex symbol of the planet.

It was a real revolution of consciousness, from this moment the vision of age began to change. And Sharon Stone, and other famous actresses such as Julia Roberts, Monica Bellucci, Madonna and others, showed that from the point of view of psychology we can “have no age”, this is primarily determined by our attitude towards him.

What else affects age?

From a biological point of view, the concept of age is closely related to the concept of reproductive age, and this is especially true for women: this is how nature works — we are young as long as reproductive activity (the ability to have children) remains. By the way, this does not quite apply to men who maintain reproductive functions for the rest of their lives.

The main difficulties, as usual, fall on the shoulders of women, but the term “late primipara” has long sunk into oblivion, no one remembers this. Today in France, the average age of primiparous is 32 years, in Germany — 38 years. Women first make a career, and then give birth to children. You will not surprise anyone with childbirth after 40, and in many cases they are the first.

Increasing reproductive age greatly expands the scope of the social vision of the issue. Previously, at 40 they became grandmothers, now at 40 they were primogenous mothers, who also looked beautiful.

The next very interesting social aspect is marriages, where the woman is older. There are more and more of them, except for well-known media examples, such as Alla Pugacheva or the couple Macron. Sexologists, psychologists, biologists, and doctors dealt with this issue, of course, and it is interesting to know that the sexuality of women increases with age, and men decreases. The peak of male sexual activity occurs in those over 20 years old. Further, from the age of 30, testosterone in men begins to decline by 1-2% per year.

Interestingly, both sexologists and anti-age specialists came to the conclusion that the ideal age difference between spouses is 16 years, where the woman is older.

And such cases are becoming more common, and this is not surprising — most of them are happy couples.

Interesting to know...

A woman at this age is self-confident, knows herself and male psychology better than at 20 years old. And the man is full of strength. Often, men younger literally idolize their companions and do not pay attention to wrinkles at all. (Although it’s very simple now to get rid of them!) A man perceives a woman in a different way — here, above all, young energy is important.

One way or another, all these phenomena in society are actively manifested, they contribute to the formation of a completely new generation. Moreover, according to some reports, the age of childhood is now considered to be 30 years old. And the age of maturity is up to 75-78 years. And only then we talk about old age.

If psychological age is so important, what should be done in this direction?

If you want to have a high quality of life, to be happy, then start with it. When there is motivation, a desire to achieve something, you need to improve your health in order to realize your plans: life, creative, workers. And it is precisely to the psychological age that the biological is “pulled”.

It is in that order, and not vice versa. Many of you have seen how quickly retiring people age. This is especially noticeable in men. What is going on? The motivation for moving forward, achieving creative and other goals disappears.

I will give a couple of examples of a young psychological age in older people. For example, Charles Aznavour , who left us at the age of 94, between two concerts. He lived a bright life, had many creative plans.

Also known for his young psychological age is the famous American model Carmen Dell’Orefiche, who is already well over 87, and she still defiles for the House of Missoni and others. She looks great, but most importantly, she has a young energy.

I would like to talk about energy in detail.

Yes, this is a key element of success in any field. However, often, especially women, pay all attention only to appearance. Yes, it is always nice to see well-groomed people who are engaged in their health, sports, and use different aesthetic procedures. But this is not the most attractive in people, namely the energy charge that we carry. It is important to live every day, waking up joyfully in the morning and fulfilling your dreams. Dream and go forward along the paths of your dreams, building new plans and projects.

This is how you will form your young psychological age, connected directly with our energy. The more active we lead our lives, the higher our energy potential, we feel

younger, the more we attract the attention of others. Many women mistakenly think that men only care about their appearance, but the charisma that is created by your energy, and not your Dior handbag, is really appreciated. That is why, of course, it is necessary to start with energy. To this is added your vision of the world: the more interests, impressions, plans you have, the wider the boundaries of the vision of the world and the more points of support in it. And that means both strength and resources.


How to develop young energy?

Rule number 1. Do not set yourself limits. Studies of the quantum world, progress in computer science, genetics, and other scientific fields speak about one thing — the boundaries in our capabilities and the potential of our health are much less than we are used to thinking. It was found that people use the capabilities of DNA by only 2%, of the brain — by no more than 7%. Our huge internal potential is hidden, first of all, from us, and the key to success lies in us. To look young, start with energy through the desire to achieve something. If there is no such desire, a person even at a young age becomes an old man. I recall a wonderful phrase from Dovlatov’s notebooks, paraphrased from Gorky’s Song of the Falcon: “Born does not want to crawl.” It doesn’t want to! And it becomes a boring and old soul.

Rule number 2. Dream and visualize your desires. Surprisingly, it is a fact: you are thereby programming your brain on what you want to achieve. It is like “downloading” a program to a computer. Our brain also gives us solutions and leads to the goal.

Rule number 3. Optimize biological age: maintain key body functions in a form without waiting for the development of diseases and the damping of the production of hormones, neurotransmitters, etc. They greatly affect mood and well-being, and therefore energy.

Rule number 4. Fall in love! Speaking about the work of the brain, I had to see the following features in my patients: as soon as a person falls in love, he immediately rises the level of hormones, regardless of age and medication. I observed this clearly from analyzes both in women and in men — young and over 60 years old. In the same way, we know that the activity of our DNA is largely determined by the activity of the brain. There is such an interesting area — psychogenetics and psychobiology, showing how to control biological processes, activate DNA through the work of the brain.

With psychological age it’s clear, let's talk about biological age.

You must be able to handle biological age. Motivation is the number one question, but we need to make sure that motivation can be realized. The proverb “If youth knew, if old age could” has now lost its relevance, the concepts of old age and age limits have changed a lot.

Please clarify.

For many years, in Paris, various leading university hospital centers, just like in Switzerland or America, have been using the dynamic alpha-visualization method, when patients are asked to visualize the healing process. In these states, the alpha rhythm is activated — a beautiful, light, creative, creative alpha rhythm with which we wake up and fall asleep, on which bright ideas come. People are brought into this state and asked to imagine what their life will be like when they are healthy. The most interesting thing is that it gives really positive results!

Hence the main conclusion — we create ourselves. It is scientifically proven that we can program our brain for success, health, problem solving, and it does everything for us. Just as we give the task to the computer, download the program and wait for the result.

So, you can’t set boundaries, you must give the opportunity to pull the physical potential to a young psychological age and bring your body to the optimal level. Many people use it, set goals for themselves in life and realize them. On the basis of our institute, we are just engaged in the preparation of highly individual integrative programs that activate our internal potential at different levels.

What you need to know about biological age?

First, our body functions fundamentally differently until 35 years after. If up to 35 we are protected by high activity of genes and hormones, then later activity begins to decline as the inevitable sunset. Today we can influence it by changing the work of the so-called biological clock genes, literally turning the clock back and arranging metabolic processes in such a way as to prevent the occurrence of diseases, stabilize the condition and start the rejuvenation processes.

Most of my patients, who are over 50 or 60 and who have been observed for more than one year, we reach a biological age of 35-38 years — both in physical and mental parameters, and even in some cases reproductive. But this is a separate issue.

The issue of longevity greatly affects reproductive health, and giving birth after 40 and later does not surprise anyone. Life expectancy is growing, and 120 years is not the limit. But do not forget that in relation to genes and hormones, we all have slowdowns starting from the age of 35 years. The good news is we know how to activate them.

To restore biological and hormonal processes?

Not only through the genes of the biological clock, but also by optimizing the work of the endocrine glands. My author’s programs fundamentally differ from other methods precisely in that I work with the potential of everyone, activating my own resource in each case. That is, it is not about replacing processes, but about integrative improvement and activation of one’s own potential using one’s own resource. So much has been given to us by nature, but we can use so little, even from what we know.

Elena, how long have you been compiling your unique wellness programs?

For over 20 years I have been working and developing my own authoring techniques, with the help of which we activate our potential at various levels: DNA, physical, mental, emotional. This is a highly personalized approach.

I always ask patients what result do you want? Most interesting, many answer — I want it like everyone else. But everyone wants differently, and people naively think that everyone has the same needs. Desires differ and are diametrically opposite, so you should never think that everyone has the same goals, aspirations and the same way they see their health.

Before writing any program, it is important to understand how a person functions. Therefore, the question “what gives you the greatest pleasure in life” plays an important role. To tune in to the right wave, it is very important for us to have a resource. And positive emotions are a creative resource. Ask yourself a question that gives you pleasure in life, and you will see that it is much more difficult to answer than the question that you do not like, what you are unhappy with. Here, people are ready to write whole lists of what they don’t like. And it doesn’t really matter, it’s important that it gives you joy.

There is no need to answer that there is world peace, and so it is clear. The question is, what do you want to receive and what have you done for this?

An insidious mistake is a trap, when a person answers that he wants to see all those close to him healthy, these are abstract concepts. And what have you done for yourself the only one with whom you have to live your whole life? Many are so keen on caring for others that they completely forget about themselves, do not know their needs and desires. In fact, the bitter truth of life lies in the fact that behind this seemingly altruistic concern is a completely different thing — an escape from one’s own problems. You need to learn to look at yourself in the mirror and say what I want to get from this life — this is the starting and most important stage. This is the main foundation on which we can build everything else.

At the beginning of my practice there was one case, after which I always pay special attention to the psychological component. A very successful French businessman came to me, looking great for his 50s. In the course of the conversation it turned out that he was doing everything so correctly that after 2.5 hours I did not have even the most tricky questions. Then I asked why he came to the consultation, he cried, saying that his wife had left him, he feels like an old man killed and his life has lost its meaning. This led me to the need to take into account the psychological state of patients in any programs.

Today, after recovering, my patients’s personal life changes a lot, someone gives birth to children, someone starts a second youth, someone realizes his dreams, changes his type of activity, someone gets married or gets married.

What problems do you face in Monaco first of all?

There are a lot of them and different. But in the end, it is precisely after activating one’s potential that patients come from all over the world with new forces. Although the same idea, patients formulate each in their own way. If you want to make such a program, you will have an exciting journey and meeting with yourself, first of all. You will learn about the resource that you have and how to use it.

It is nice that patients come back with their friends, children and parents.

What complaints come with?

Complaint number 1 — different types of fatigue and fatigue. People manage to bring themselves to a state of complete imbalance, both physically and emotionally.The pace of life has increased many times, there is a strong overexcitation, which affects the nerve cells. Emotions, poor ecology are superimposed on stress, and as a result a huge problem arises — combustion syndrome. Everything leads to hormonal disorders, sleep disturbance and weight gain. And any weight gain is the result of many processes where food plays an important role, but at a rate of 30%. This is a complex condition that simply cannot be cured by diet.

A special topic of patients’ treatment is hormonal restructuring of the body — menopause in women and andropause in men. In addition, the recovery of young women after childbirth. Today they give birth later and later, and recovery requires additional effort. And in some countries, they begin to give birth early, young women around 35 years old already have many children, and the biological age approaches 60, because they do not have time to recover.

The main news is that most of the changes are reversible.

Having unique experience, we can help to cope with many problems. For example, last year an 56-year-old American came to me who could not sleep; against this background, he developed many health problems. It turned out that 20 years ago he had missed a certain diagnosis, which we not only made, but also successfully treated. Currently, he is full of energy and is thinking about procreation.

There are a lot of such cases. The main question to ask yourself is how you see your life in the next 10-20 years and how you want to see yourself.

Projection into the future will determine your motivation, and we can help with the regulation of biological age.

Now people are actively engaged in their health, but very often at the same time fall into traps.

What traps do you mean?

A lot of them. For example, caring friends and relatives bring and bring magic pills and drugs, which a person, out of respect for friends and relatives, begins to drink, and he becomes even worse.

Or diets … Once a distinguished patient came to me, an assistant followed her with a huge bag of drugs that she was taking. Asked what her condition was, I heard in response — I want to jump from the balcony. At that time she was 39 years old. The lady was too keen on restrictive diets … But this story has a happy ending.

It is also important to understand: you cannot treat a particular disease (if you do not take any cases of infectious or genetic diseases), you need to treat a person. The same treatment gives different results in different people.

Medicine is experiencing a tremendous crisis, consisting in the fact that there is a huge stratification and separation of medical and preventive medicine. What does medical medicine do? Saves from a heart attack, stroke, stops the inflammatory process, etc. Medical medicine appeals to other criteria than anti-age or preventive medicine. The key issue was the analysis standards from the point of view of optimal values, rather than statistical intervals indicated in parentheses. Hence the mass of medical errors.

Medicine is experiencing a tremendous crisis, consisting in the fact that there is a huge stratification and separation of medical and preventive medicine. What does medical medicine do? Saves from a heart attack, stroke, stops the inflammatory process, etc. Medical medicine appeals to other criteria than anti-age or preventive medicine. The key issue was the analysis standards from the point of view of optimal values, rather than statistical intervals indicated in parentheses. Hence the mass of medical errors.

In June in St. Petersburg I had the opportunity to speak at the leading Russian congress on aesthetic and anti-aging medicine on the topic of medical errors. Leading one of the sections, I listened to the reports of aesthetics on the results before and after the procedures. Most of the changes that were presented as aesthetic (especially on the oval of the face, upper eyelids and much more) could be removed without any operations and aesthetic interventions, because these are the results of an imbalance in metabolism and, first of all, hormones. In our center we correct not only without a scalpel, but also without a syringe. I spoke about this in my speech. And the results of aesthetic medicine can be improved tenfold — I am not exaggerating! — if the person has had an intervention on the background of the correct corrections of his metabolism.

Each case is individual, and in order to help you, dear readers, in June we started broadcasting on the Baranova Monaco YouTube channel, where we talk about the traps of modern medicine, its modern vision and the so-called secrets of antiaging.

It’s great that we can choose our age, this is the most important thing! I repeat, any joy in life, any positive, the ability to enjoy every day and little things will take you much more years than any liposuction or Botox injection.