"Transform the energy of
your genes into the
energy of your life!"

Prof, Dr. Elena Baranova

"Превратите энергию Ваших генов в
энергию Вашей молодости"

Профессор, доктор Елена Баранова

Pr. Dr. Elena Baranova

  • International expert in genomics, anti-ageing and personalised prevention;
  • EU Commission expert for: “Genomics, Life Science and Biotechnology for Health & Personalised Medicine;
  • President of EU Institute of Personalised Prevention and Health, Monaco;
  • Founder of the unique approach “HAUTE COUTURE” PREVENTION® for personalised health, anti-ageing and beauty.

Her outstanding international career has been recognised at a very high level, including:

  • “The best scientific paper award” (World prize, Canada);
  • “The woman of the year” (France);
  • “The woman of the year” (Moscow);
  • Author of different international publications, books, presentations;
  • Ultimate leader in anti-ageing, genomics and modern personalised health approaches with more than 20 years of experience in this sophisticated field.

As a result of her professional achievements, Professor Baranova has been invited to work and live in Monaco.


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