Heroes Of Our Time

Heroes Of Our Time


Elena BARANOVA — professor, international expert in genomics of health and personalized medicine, member of the World Council of Anti-Aging Medicine, creator of individual anti-aging programs and drugs for gene regulation — on the eve of International Women’s Day, talks about how to preserve the health of dear men.

Spring is coming, our beloved, romantic time of the year with a wonderful spring holiday — March 8th. Of course, this day is often associated with all kinds of romantic events, with spring mood, expectation of love.

It is difficult, and I do not want to imagine Women’s Day without the participation of our wonderful and beloved men. But, dear girls, you need to understand what men are today? How are things with their health, mood and how to make men give us joy and as much as possible?

This is what I want to tell about in our March issue, as the best gift for a woman on March 8 is a loving man! We need healthy, strong, falling in love companions, with humor, quick reaction and the desire to conquer the whole world. In our difficult times, this largely depends on us women. And not only on how good we look, because in Russia there have always been a lot of beautiful women. There are few other countries that can surpass us in this cultural and historical female potential. But nevertheless, experience shows: if you want a man to react to you, then you need to know several rules of the game.

The basics of genetics

The fact is that men are really arranged in a completely different way than we are. Just look at the chromosomes to see this. A karyotype is a chromosome set of a person that does not change throughout life. Normally, a person has 46 chromosomes (23 chromosomes from each of the parents). Record of normal female karyotype — 46, XX; normal male — 46, XY.

The female karyotype contains 2 large X chromosomes with a large number of genes. Chromosome Y, which determines the male gender, is, on the contrary, completely tiny. There are few genes on Y and they are controlled entirely by the X chromosome. This is laid down by nature itself, as evidenced by the following facts.

For example, when certain chromosomal breakdowns occur, chromosome X is lost (and a karyotype is obtained instead of 46, XY 46, UO) — this is an incompetent fetus, a miscarriage; such a breakdown is not compatible with life. However, in case 45, the XO fetus lives perfectly. This malfunction is called Turner Syndrome, and in mild forms it is sometimes found in women who cannot become pregnant. They are usually of small stature, with average abilities, not distinguished by a large intellectual index, but coping well with the simple work of nurses, secretaries, and junior assistants. One way or another, but this is a genetic fact: Y cannot exist without X. Moreover, it is on chromosome X that there are regulatory genes that control Y. Dear girls, Do not forget about this genetic fact — it will help you look at the problem of communicating with men from a slightly different perspective. Especially remember this when you are tormented by questions: “What did he think? Why is silent? Etc.». The frank answers to these questions may surprise you very much. As Daniel Harms wrote: “Do you think life is simple? What do you! She is much simpler! ”

The consequence of genetic characteristics is also the great endurance of women and their long life expectancy.

Physical and hormonal levels

There is a fundamental difference in the functioning of female and male organisms from the hormonal point of view: women are cyclical, and men are linear. This underlies key behavioral traits that are also supported by genetic differences.

In men, nature encoded a principle called «seizure of territories.» In primitive times, it was necessary to survive, and therefore the principle of polygamy in men was originally founded as a survival instinct. The more offspring, the more capable the clan. Hence the story of the seizure of territories. This is especially evident in alpha males with high levels of testosterone and the ability to reproduce offspring, and less so in gentle and shy omega.

Dear girls, this is an important conclusion: what kind of man do you want? A bright, ambitious bad boy or a gentle, but non-initiative and home-made omega.

However, girls, as a rule, want to combine the incompatible and wonder why it doesn’t work, wondering, “Does he have a button?”

I want to please you — yes, and this is the main male hormone, which largely determines the behavior of men, their health, and brain activity.

The main male hormone

To ensure successful life, men really need the hormone testosterone. Few people know that its production in men begins to decline at the age of 30 by 1-2% per year. But if a man consumes alcohol, these processes are accelerated. In addition, testosterone production is currently suffering greatly due to external environmental factors.

Dear women, and this directly concerns us especially now. Unfortunately, we live in a genetically modified world where the quality of food is completely different than it was, say, 50 years ago. Nowadays, there is the so-called process of feminization of the external environment. The fact is that all herbicides, pesticides, toxins widely used in the food industry have estrogenic activity, and it is anti-testosterone. Estrogenic activity is the activity of female sex hormones. Thus, in men, testosterone production is currently suffering.

In my consultations, I see more and more young men, 30-35 years old, with male health problems that usually occur after 50. This is really a very dangerous phenomenon that is starting to take shape. If this story overlays with the fact that a man goes into vegetarianism, or develops a vegan lifestyle, or drinks alcohol regularly, testosterone levels, especially in men, begin to fall very quickly, I would say, even catastrophically. And we get the phenomenon of early andropause, that is, there is a stop or a significant decrease in the production of male sex hormones at the age of more than 30 years. It is so important and so common that I consider it necessary to raise this issue on the pages of our newspaper, as it is very painful to see young couples with such family problems.

I want to mention male infertility. Feminization of the environment leads to its development, causing a decrease in sperm motility and quality. What you need to know to avoid this, so that men can maintain their health, be active and live a full life? Here nature comes to our aid. The fact is that, unlike us women who are born with their own set of oocytes, a man has spermatogenesis every 72 days. Therefore, a man can maintain his reproductive functions for at least 120 years (if these processes are properly maintained), subject to optimal hormonal regulation.

The good news is that individual hormonal regulation protocols in men work very successfully, restoring not only the level of testosterone, but also helping to protect against cardiovascular diseases, increase working capacity, and enjoy life. But you need to start with food.

Healthy eating for men

What needs to be done to ensure normal hormonal production, so that the man feels in shape? First, stop feeding them porridge! This is the first condition. Stop giving men yogurt or granola with milk for breakfast. Why? The fact is that cereals have the ability to bind and excrete hormones, and above all — testosterone and thyroid hormones. Dairy products from cow’s milk are very harmful, as they are simply oversaturated with estrogens. Cows are stimulated hormonally, and more than 60 hormones found in dairy products are female sex hormones that kill testosterone synthesis and promote the development of cancer (for example, with regular use of cow’s milk products — 2 servings, for example 2 yoghurts per day, — frequency prostate cancer increases 2.5 to 3 times).

Breakfast should be low in sugar but high in protein. Fruits are allowed, but not papaya or mangoes, but fruits with a low sugar content, so as not to loosen insulin metabolism in parallel. Changes in insulin metabolism lead to weight loss, the production of adipose tissue, which is also endocrine and produces female hormones.

In addition to easily fried scrambled eggs with tomatoes, you can cook chicken cutlets, white fish, tongue, or make the “right” sandwiches with a small amount of bread, but with a plump piece of meat with fresh cucumbers. Cucumbers perfectly alkalize the internal environment and maintain a healthy alkaline balance of the body. Berries with a small amount of sugar are also recommended for breakfast: raspberries, blueberries, blueberries.

In order to maintain the production of steroid hormones, men should have as little sugar as possible in order to prevent the production of excess fat and the development of diabetes. Interestingly, for many centuries in the Ottoman Empire, men did not eat sweets at all, it was considered exclusively female food.

Once upon time in America…

I will give you a concrete example — what are the consequences of eating disorders in men. Today in America, food contains a lot of sugar, and the change in metabolism in men has reached the point that bras for men have been sold for more than a year, as breasts grow. Dear ladies, you must have seen men with enlarged mammary glands. These are those who have increased synthesis of estrogen, the so-called estrogenism appeared. As a rule, it comes from the increased use of sweets, but the second reason, in fact one of the leading ones, is alcohol consumption. The fact is that an excess of alcohol starts the same processes, because there is a lot of sugar in alcohol, and the production of testosterone is disrupted. Alcohol cuts the root of testosterone precursors, the synthesis of which begins from the very beginning in the liver. Next, a violation of insulin metabolism, the production of estrogen,

I beg mothers to pay attention to the health of boys and not to feed them sweet, because now more and more teenagers with weight loss. Stop giving children sweet and dairy products from cow’s milk — this leads to a violation of their hormonal functions, and this is a fundamentally important question!

Anxiety symptoms

Dear ladies, listen carefully to your men. They very well describe the state of hormonal decline and andropause, but for many years of my practice I have never seen a man say that he has low testosterone. Usually they say this: «I see the world in black and white, nothing pleases me …» One patient formulated perfectly: «I am sitting on the podium, but there is no happiness.» The fact is that testosterone is a natural antidepressant that is responsible not only for libido, sex drive, but also for the joy of life, brain function, and ability to work. The presence of high testosterone in a man just makes his behavior very active both sexually and emotionally. Increases overall energy. Such men are beautifully looked after, fall in love, happy, enjoy life and everything is easy for them. When men have high testosterone, you need to know, pretty girls, that they all make it easy, because it’s the hormone of leaders. To deprive men of this is inhuman. It is testosterone that creates the background of love, desires, romance, including the “electric background” of the game through the eyes.

Even if you are an incredible beauty, well-groomed, with a beautiful manicure, in a dizzy mini-skirt, if a man with low testosterone is next to you, he will not react at all to any of your female tricks. Moreover, against the background of a decrease in testosterone in men, irritability, hypereactions and outbursts of anger are growing from scratch.

It is also important that testosterone protects blood vessels in men from fragility, preventing heart attacks and strokes. It is often said: a heart attack is younger. But this is a consequence. In fact, testosterone has fallen. This hormone is a unique cardioprotector. The elasticity that vessels give testosterone, the cardiac system uses as one of the strongest defenses in men.

Profile of a successful man

Of course, everything is not limited to testosterone, it has the most important helpers — DHEA — the hormone of desire, it is the precursor of testosterone, which very brightly and strongly affects the brain. This is dopamine — the neurotransmitter of leaders, an assistant in decision-making, forward progression. The bright man that many ladies dream of has high dopamine, high DHEA , high testosterone, he has ambitions, desires in order to achieve the goal. The fact is that all these factors are very strongly reflected in the brain. And of course, which is important, on child-bearing functions.

As a geneticist, I can say that today the health of men in the world is alarming. Genetics have noticed a strange phenomenon — the already small Y is decreasing in size from generation to generation. This chromosome begins to shorten, becomes smaller and smaller, and if we do not want to be exclusively in the female society, then we need to take due care of our men and their health, starting from childhood.

Perhaps the only country in the world where today there are more men than women is China. Because in this country for a long time it was forbidden to have more than one child in the family and only a few years ago this ban was lifted. All the Chinese wanted to have boys, and they had a demographic shift — there were more boys than girls. If you look at European countries or Russia, then we have the opposite ratio — there are much more women than men.

This year, at our institute in Monaco, we have developed, taking into account the urgency of this problem, NEW HEALTH PROGRAMS FOR MEN. And also fundamentally NEW DRUGS to maintain men’s health based on a synthesis of knowledge of Ayurvedic, Chinese medicine, modern medicine and modern hormonal regulation. This exclusive line of drugs — ADULTS ONLY — is an addition to hormonal regulation, but in some cases even without the use of hormones it will establish testosterone synthesis in men, solve certain problems with erection, and also contribute to the production of dopamine to enhance men’s health — and, therefore, good mood for us all!

We invite you to individual consultations and programs in Monaco.

We wish you and your dear men health, strength, new joyful and vivid impressions!