Holidays Preparation

Holidays Preparation

Professor Baranova is the author of many publications and books in different languages, the “Woman of the Year” prize winner for an outstanding career in France and Moscow, and today is a professor of medicine, an international expert in health genomics and personalized medicine, a member of the World Council for Anti-Aging Medicine, and just a fabulous woman – Elena Baranova – answers questions of a MONACO correspondent.

Could you please advise us on how to deal with alcohol during the holiday?

1. You need to know the basic «rules of the game»:

Never drink alcohol on an empty stomach. A couple of lettuce leaves, as many girls eat, will not solve the problem, but only increase fermentation and, as a result, bloating (see the program on this topic on our YouTube channel). From a chemical point of view, alcohol is the basis: -OH. And fatty acids, respectively, are precisely acids: H+. Thus, the reaction of neutralizing alcohol with fats. Of course, a sandwich with caviar will work, but any sandwich with butter and sausage / cheese / fish will do. Moreover, the key element is oil in connection with a high concentration of fats. Foie gras and our traditional salads are also great. Using fats will help you survive a festive alcohol marathon. Many people think that this applies only to vodka, however, this is not so, any alcoholic drinks are suitable. Gluten-free bread is best to reduce fermentation.

Never hold alcohol in your mouth for a long time, especially if you have a long event. In this case, you can get drunk literally from the thimble of brandy or a sip of wine. After all, the absorption of alcohol occurs already in the oral cavity.

Once at the event or party, the alcohol degree must be raising. By the way, Europeans do not know this rule.
I have funny stories about it: when I gave a lecture on alcohol at French universities, French medical students did not believe me. I had to conduct practical exercises and teach them how to drink alcohol. They were very surprised and pleased with the results.

If possible, do not mix different alcoholic beverages. And also be careful with wines: they have a lot of fusel oils, especially red wines, which can easily trigger migraines in the morning.
Our products: BGENE, EGENE, IMMUNE METO DETOX  greatly accelerate alcohol detox. Many of my patients are actively storing them before the holidays or trips to Ibiza. EGENE is easy to carry and absorb periodically throughout the evening. It is very effective and makes you feel good the next morning.

Elena, do you drink alcohol yourself?

Yes, especially in a good company. But before events, I usually eat in advance at home. And this habit has always helped me. There were different situations, often being the only woman in a male company, at a business dinner I was facing the desire of other people to give me an extra drink. But in the end it was me who ultimately had to provide delivery of such active ones to their homes.

And I don’t drink alcohol every day. This is  insidious , because if you intake even a little bit but every day will greatly undermines the synthesis of hormones in the liver, and provokes the growth of pathogenic intestinal flora.

What else do you need to pay attention to for feeling good?

I recommend everyone to monitor the level of cortisol. From the chronic stress, frequent travels, the use of smart phones and gadgets, the nervous system is overexcited and the protective resource — our adrenal glands, and above all cortisol — is depleted faster. And it is the # 1 vital hormone responsible for energy, immunity, and defense.

Have you noticed that, after being seriously nervous and / or after trips, you get sick? This is due to the cortisol fall. When we restore cortisol to patients, we invariably see that they are less likely to get sick, or even stop getting sick due to the recovery programs. We see this problem in out patients complains quite often. But patients with regulated cortisol levels are significantly less susceptible to viruses and exacerbation of herpes.

Besides this, do we have any other risk factors?

We need to strengthen the immune system. For this we need to know about the state of the thyroid gland, deficits of which provoke frequent colds. In the first place from commonly available means is vitamin D — a universal regulator that supports the production of steroid hormones in addition to the thyroid gland. It protects us from many diseases, raising immunity.

I must admit that this year something strange happened to people. We have clients that come to us from everywhere: from the countries of the former Soviet Union, England, America, the Emirates. But among them, I have not seen a single person with a normal level of vitamin D, although usually people take care of this vital vitamin. This largely indicates the low quality of dietary supplements on the market, as we now know — 97% of them are ineffective. But this year, the vast majority had low levels of vitamin D at the end of August.

Usually after summer the level of vitamin D is normal, what is the reason for this anomaly?

My friends biophysicists answered this question like this: the nature of solar radiation is changing, and in our country the synthesis of vitamin D is activated by certain spectra of rays. The axis of the planet has changed, as well as planetary changes, the radiation itself has become more rigid. It seems that the radiation that activates the production of vitamin D has also changed. The practical conclusion is not to refuse to take vitamin D, but not to take one ampoule per month, as many do, but to take vitamin D in drops, especially in the autumn-winter time. There are still vitamin D pills, but it’s best to use liquid solutions that are better absorbed. In general, the biggest effect is seen from taking liquid drugs. I note that if the level of vitamin D among the inhabitants of the planet was at least 55 units, the number of oncological diseases in the world would be halved. This is the official data of specialists. This important factor needs to be addressed, especially in the dark.