Interview with Prof. Baranova E: Meet Professor Helena Baranova, Genomics Expert

Interview with Prof. Baranova E: Meet Professor Helena Baranova, Genomics Expert

Genes are her skill area. And anti-personalised medicine her principle. Helena Baranova comes back to her career, her Regene product range and her plans.

Ms. Baranova, your career is impressive. Can you tell us something more about it?

I have over 20 years of experience in genomics. I am a European Commission expert and have written a book about genes and health.

You also have a nutraceutic line available on your web site. What do you offer through the ReGene products?

ReGene is based on the activation of our genes and the action of our genome. There are three groups: to improve our detox, improve our anti-stress techniques, and regulate our cardiovascular genes. These products also have a scientifically-proven anti-age action.

On what criteria do you base the personalisation of the products in your range?

We have put in place on our web site a questionnaire for people to complete. It gives them the most suitable selection of products for their profile.

Do certain ReGene products arouse more enthusiasm?

The highest demand is in the anti-fatigue / anti-stress area. It exceeds anti-age by a long way.

What are your plans?

I plan to write a book focused on advice about how to become friends with our genes and on the development of new ReGene products.

Our magazine is called TRY ME, what would you like to try?

That TRY ME title matches me to the full, since I try out on myself all the products and programmes I create! So, I’m going to carry on trying out everything I have in mind at the moment and am busy devising!