Introducing Baranova Monaco

Introducing a Revolutionary Breakthrough in Health and Beauty through The Art of Genetic Science


Renowned for her advanced knowledge of Genomics and her brilliance in diagnostics, Professor Elena Baranova, Europe’s leading Geneticist, has developed a ground-breaking approach to appearance and wellness. Based on the use of genetic science to determine how you will be predisposed to age, react to stress and suffer ill health, Baranova harnesses this knowledge to enable you to help to change your genetic direction, leading to a life-transforming abundance of youthful vitality and a healthier appearance.

After a clinical analysis of your genetic data (using a saliva test), and an in-depth review of your history and lifestyle, we detect how your genes influence your appearance, health, stress management, metabolism, energy levels, UV ageing, remove toxins and utilise nutrients. As part of this, over 100 different “Gene-Gene” interactions and more than 200 vital “Environment-Gene” interactions related to your lifestyle and nutrition are also tested, for optimum results.

Baranova then tailor-make your bespoke VIP programme, prescribing precise nutrigenomic, cosmetogenomic, procedures, treatments, and supplements, that work for you, while eliminating those that don’t, guiding you to your maximum level of health and radiance in the minimum amount of time. The Baranova VIP programme will also help you modify your diet and lifestyle choices to help eliminate negative elements from your life, such as stress, cardiac problems, low energy, burnout, insomnia, depression, sluggish digestion, weight gain or the effects of ageing.

The reason that these problems can be so difficult to treat is because everyone has varying levels of each contributory factor. However, the restorative and results driven Baranova Monoco approach will allow you to achieve optimum nutrition and health, making you look and feel younger, promote higher energy levels, improve emotional health and essentially get you where you want to be, rejuvenating both inside and out.

Other Baranova programmes specialise in anti-ageing, general health, nutrition, skin care and weight control.

“Although we inherit our genes from our parents, we decide how we treat them. We create our ‘Genetic Direction’ through what we eat, how we live, the amount of exercise we do, the amount of stress we succumb to and our environment’, comments Professor Baranova “We can now show you how to harness this new-found genetic analysis and use it to change your personal direction, leading to an abundance of youthful vitality that will transform your life”