One on One with Prof. Elena Baranova

One on One with Prof. Elena Baranova

5min Interview with Skylounge

1. Your BARANOVA MONACO®️ concept also known as HAUTE COUTURE PREVENTION®️ has made you a leader in personalized genomics, Anti-age medicine and health genomics – please tell us a bit more and what makes it so special?

This unique integrative approach, which I have developed during last 20 years of practice, represents in fact step by step activation of your own potential: from:

— DNA level through gene activity optimization – we start to have more forces, etc.
— it gives a particular “push” to PHYSICAL level (strong anti-fatigue effect, weight regularization, sexual performance, etc), where we also introduce hormonal regularization;
— activation of DNA and physical levels gives us

— MENTAL activation (mental level – memory improvement, high capability to work, attention/concentration improvement) followed by

— EMOTIONAL activation (emotional level – the desires come back, anti-depressive effect, sexual and emotional life improvement), which brings back the feeling that the life is beautiful.

All steps are accompanied by professional micronutrition and highly individual plans. Of course, advanced check-up should perform before we create individual programs. However, as for as all our clients are very busy people coming from more than 20 countries, we perform all necessary tests in 24 – 36 h and advanced expert consultancy/1st step program.

2. How has been your experience so far with patients from the GCC region?

For me it is a very special and pleasant experience: I love the family spirit, which is always present in Golf countries clients. Moreover, the “right brain” attitude, somehow the culture of “heart” is also very pronounced:

People are emotionally sensitive and such values as honor, respect, promise, love, traditions are very presented. It can make you smiling, but it reminds me Russian culture. As you know Russian are very “right brain” people and the notion “Saul” is one of the key notions in our culture. Also, there is a particular respect for parents in the families of clients I have seen, and it’s always very pleasant to see. Regarding the health problem in GCC: it concerns a lot of hormonal regulation and chronic fatigue, often followed by weight related problems.

I would like to highlight, that weight increase and obesity are always the consequence of the previously missed problems or diagnosis.

3. Nowadays we hear also a lot about how to boast our immune system etc; being in a fast paced world where everyone is constantly overloaded by information (email, social media etc.), it can lead to “toxic” stress syndromes, how do you care for that kind of addiction?

Indeed, there is a sort of permanent misleading stimulated by commercial interest, permanently spread by media, in particular through internet. The 21st century brought us “chronic stress”. We are always ‘plug in’ with the mobiles, computers, etc. There are different ways to manage this: we have special anti-anxiety programs, which work very well and are included in integrative strategy according to each case. We have also “informatic detox” approach, which we perform with the help of quantum therapy. Talking about immune system, we should remember, that the key organs, responsible for healthy immunity are thyroid and adrenal glands. If their function is disturbed, any “magic pills” or even good products would never work. It’s like put oil in the car without engine. For our clients we perform advanced check-up and recommendations which allow to restore the global metabolic processes and different organs.

4. How long does an average treatment and how do you make sure your patients are not slipping back in their habits?

We have different kind of programs. The most requested is one intensive 3 months program, when we perform the advanced check-up + very detailed expert consultation during first 24 -26 hrs and then provide the person with appropriate individual plans which are updated according to dynamics, etc. in each particular case, 3 months is specially chosen time: we can change and stabilize our gene expression (activity) in the optimal way for 2 months; and we need 3 months to upload hormonal correction. However, I like to highlight, that the majority of clients feel the improvement in 2 weeks or sometimes earlier – according to each case. This improvement increases progressively during all program and becomes stable after it. We also have the support recommendations once the program is done. It’s a very important step, which allows not simply keep your optimal health level, but active rejuvenation processes.

Regarding the habits, the secret is; the person should take please, when performing the recommendations. The other motivation is people start feeling much better and want to keep it. It collects somehow the expressions and comments of my clients. I remember one very tired woman, who told me: “I started to sing in the mornings again”, and for me it was the best compliment. Or a very thick (not anymore) man of 58 years (young!), who told me: “You gave me the 2nd youth”, he has completely changed his private life after it, by the way.

5. How do you see the general medicine has changed compared to 20 years ago?

Compared to the 20th century, the medicine has dramatically changed due to genetics and finalization of the Human Genome Project in 2003, also as due to amazing informatics development. However, the 21st century brings new health problems due to the huge increase of our “speed” of life and chronic stress development.

Now we mostly deal with syndromes and not separate diseases. For example: previously we have had diabetes type II, now we have metabolic syndrome, which includes insulin resistance, hypertension and overweight, etc.. Moreover, we have a significant number of dramatic disorders related to ecology and chronic stress. The bright example is leaky gut syndrome, which is very frequent, but often not treated. However, if we don’t treat it, the person has very low chances to regulate the weight successfully. The list is very long.

Nevertheless, it’s very important to understand, that we treat THE PERSON, and not just the disease. Any machines or analyses can never replace the specialist, communication and highly individual way we chose and apply to our clients.

6. Finally: What’s the best piece of advice given to you?

The key advice I can give to our readers: TRANSFORM THE ENERGY OF YOUR GENES INTO THE ENERGY OF YOUR LIFE! And it will be our pleasure to help you at this exciting journey.


Professor Baranova, we thank you for the interview.