Pr. Baranova’s Conference on Anti-Aging

Anti-Aging Secrets Benefits and Pitfalls of Modern Anti-Aging

Pr Baranova’s Conference on Anti-Aging a big hit with Monaco’s finest Monaco VIPs get insight on anti-aging

Professor Elena Baranova’s Anti-Aging Secrets conference hosted by the CREM in Monaco on Wednesday 2 April 2014 turned out to be a smashing success as nearly a hundred attendees filled up the meeting room at the Mirabeau in Monaco.

Broadcasted live by CHIK Radio and covered by RUS Monaco Magazine, the Anti-Aging Secrets conference gave insight on some of the hottest topics that will be debated during the 12th Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress at Grimaldi Forum (3-5 April 2014) under the High Patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco.

World-renowned expert on personalised anti-aging medicine, Pr Baranova addressed benefits and pitfalls of modern anti-aging techniques for a host of VIP guests from the UK, Russia, Estonia and faraway Australia, prompting sustained interest and many questions afterwards.

Big names in the anti-aging field did attend including Dr Deby Vinski, President of World Council of Preventive and Anti-aging Medicine who made the trip from Jakarta, Indonesia to Monaco.

Pr. Baranova started her speech by explaining the ins and outs of genomics before delving into practical examples of how genes interact with the body and the products we apply to it. For instance, Pr Baranova explained how the use of a beauty cream often overlooks genetic factors like skin complexion or eyes color, notwithstanding uncountable other “invisible” genetic factors.

Pr Baranova explained how she uses genetic testing to provide higly personalised health, wellness and beauty plans to her patients, mixing Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation techniques which are two very different approaches towards the same goal.

Pr. Baranova gave many real life examples of how one may circumvent useless spendings in ineffective treatments (100 billion dollars last year alone in the US) : “Did you have two coffees this morning ?” she asked the audience. “Then did you have some carrot or grapefruit juice ? No ! Well you should have, as it balances the side effects of cafein”, she explained.

Pr. Baranova went on to detail the benefits and drawbacks of fresh juices consumption, demonstrating that even the most natural foods can be harmful: “It depends on which fruits you are using (pesticides, etc ..) at what time of the day, what temperature ? How bad are your intestines ? You should know” she concluded.

“Do not separate genes from the body”, Pr. Baranova warned. “Beware of the myths of the good effects of Green tea, Red Wine, fresh juices, cholesterol. For some people an excess of green tea is damaging for their health. Red wine is not processed as it used to be. Too much sulfur”, she told her audience. “One of the best wine for your health is Chateau Margaux. Are you ready to spend on Margaux ?”, she asked around, prompting a few chuckles from the many rich & beautiful ladies in front of her.

“We are growing old because we stop playing”.

Among little known personalised medicine topics, Pr. Baranova cited genes top activity decrease after 35 years old, necessary cautious multivitamin usage without a complete genetic profile and the advantages of personal micronutrition followed by a specialist, quoting many statistics and scientific facts mostly ignored by the public.

Pr. Baranova then exposed her solutions such has sur-mesure Haute Couture Prevention and optimizing your lifestyle according to one’s genes, concluding with a strong statement : “we did not stop playing because we are growing old” she said. “We are growing old because we stop playing”.

At the end of the conference, Pr Baranova was warmly applauded and she took time to have a word in private with several of the people around while all attendees were offered bags full of samples from her innovative ReGene® products line.


Here is a sample of the reactions gathered at the end of the conference :

“It was very interesting. I am going to try to slow down on wine a little!”

— A French lady

“Pr Baranova is incredible. She is working for the future generation. She brings awareness to modern women and I thank her for that.”

— Alessia Shorakova (RUS Monaco Magazine)

“It was important for me to come from Indonesia and attend Pr Baranova’s conference. Pr Elena Baranova is a world famous and renowned scientist and we can rely on her knowledge. Her expertise in Anti-aging is the pride of Monaco. This why our organization, the World Council of Preventive Medicine (WOCPM), recognized Pr Baranova as one of our 50 exclusive representatives.”

— Dr Deby Vinski

“Pr Baranova is a mentor for external beauty related to what’s going on inside. She is guiding us in all we should and should not do. Live without excess when not knowing ourselves. That’s what Dr Baranova is teaching us, revealing the reflection from the inside.”

— Nadia Leonardi, Cosmetologist

Featured photo by Dmitriy Eliseev.