ENERGY I (E-GENE) is quantum genomics new GENEration product, which contains active forms of Q10, NAD+ and vitamin B12 that contributes to optimal energy-yielding metabolism.

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This unique product activates cell respiration process, and first of all – mitochondrial activity and bio-clock genes activity, what explains its strong and rapid effect.

As confirmed by quantum genomics clinical studies, the product is highly efficient for fatigue treatment and prevention, cardio- and vessel protection, hormonal regulation.

Additionally, the product also has high protective effects for smokers.

Usage: to be used in all cases of fatigue and tiredness, physical and mental. Especially recommended for active working people. ENERGY I can be successfully combined with other REGENE PRODUCTS®.

Dosage: 1-3 tablets per day; take in the morning and after lunch or at 4pm during periods of high mental and/ or physical activity. Put the tablet under the tongue and let it dissolve. Tablets can be taken any time during the day when additional energy is required.

Quantity: Box containing 30 sublingual tablets packed in blisters.

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