TRYPTOGENE is a highly efficient product on the basis of pure tryptophan. It has strong anti-tiredness, anti-stress, anti-depressive and serenity effects.

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TRYPTOGENE is a highly efficient product, which helps to produce and maintain “the molecule of happiness:” serotonin, one of the major anti-fatigue neurotransmitters.

TRYPTOGENE contains a potent blend of high quality pantothenic acid and tryptophan, nutrients that contribute to healthy mental performance, particularly in relation to inner unrest and gloomy feelings.

The product contributes to the maintenance of the bodyʼs own substances that play an important role in processes related to mood, self-confidence, sleep, emotions and sexual activity. Pantothenic acid has a synergetic influence on the health benefits delivered by L-Tryptophan.

TRYPTOGENE has clinically proven anti-tiredness, anti-fatigue, anti-stress, anti-depressive and serenity effects.

Usage: Recommended for persons with chronic fatigue, depressive tendencies, a chronically stressful lifestyle, sleep difficulties (in particular morning fatigue).

Dosage: 1 tablet in the evening, preferably with a meal.

Quantity: Box containing 30 personalised capsules packed in blisters.