Products For Life

Products for Life

It has been scientifically proven that ageing processes are directly related to a decrease in gene activity. Prof. Baranova has created a professional New GENEration line of REGENE PRODUCTS® a range of food supplements for optimisation of gene activity.

The products are specifically designed in line with Prof. Baranova’s formulas, have top quality purified ingredients and a direct gene activation effect, which contributes to rejuvenation and anti-ageing, as well as anti-fatigue / anti-stress.

Personalised capsules and a beautiful design lend the products an exceptionally elegant Monaco touch.

«I would like to promote a totally new concept, where the intake of our products is associated with Pleasure, Beauty and Health each and every time a box is opened and a capsule is touched. Feel privileged, feel different, feel powerful — Transform the enegery of your genes into the energy of your life!»

Professor Dr Elena Baranova