Quantum Genomics studies: B-GENE ESSENCE II


Quantum Genomics studies:
B-GENE Essence II

“Transform the energy of your genes into the energy of your life!”


B-GENE ESSENCE II is based on the full spectrum of high quality B vitamins, including folic acid.  Additionally formulated choline, inositol and PABA have a synergetic influence on the health benefits delivered by the B-vitamins, including homocysteine and fat metabolism as well as on the maintenance of normal triglyceride levels.

Usage: B-GENE is used in anti-fatigue, anti-ageing and supporting cardio-vascular health programmes.  Can be successfully combined with any other REGENE PRODUCTS® optimising the global effect.

Dosage: 1-2 capsules per day, in the morning or during lunch.

Quantity: Box containing 30 personalised capsules packed in blisters.


Quantum Genomics studies have clearly demonstrated the significant increase of energy levels and, therefore, strong anti-fatigue effect in > 95% of tested patients in all age groups. The biggest effects have been observed in patients with decreased activity of biotransformation/detoxification genes – GSTs.


BEFORE B-GENE Essence II intake

1 week AFTER B-GENE Essence II intake (1 cap./day)

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