Quantum Genomics studies: ENERGY I (E-GENE)


Quantum Genomics studies:
Energy I (E-Gene)

“Transform the energy of your genes into the energy of your life!”


ENERGY I (E-GENE) is a quantum genomics new generation products containing active forms of coenzymes: Q10, NAD + , vitamin B12, which contribute to an optimal energy-yielding metabolism. This unique product activates the cell respiration process, in particular mitochondrial and bioclock gene activity, which explains its strong and rapid effect. As confirmed by quantum genomics’ clinical studies, the product is highly efficient for fatigue treatment and prevention, cardio-and vessel protection, brain function.

Additionally, the product also has a high protective effect among smokers.

Usage: to be used in all cases of fatigue and tiredness, physical and mental. Especially recommended for active working people. ENERGY I (E-GENE) can be successfully combined with other REGENE PRODUCTS®.

Dosage: 1-3 tablets per day; take in the morning and after lunch or at 4pm during periods of high mental and/ or physical activity. Put the tablet under the tongue and let it dissolve. Tablets can be taken any time during the day when additional energy is required.

Quantity: Box containing 30 sublingual tablets packed in blisters.


Quantum Genomics studies have clearly demonstrated the significant increase of energy levels and, therefore, strong anti-fatigue effect in > 95% of tested patients in all age groups. The biggest effects have been observed in patients with decreased activity of biotransformation/detoxification genes – GSTs.


BEFORE Energy I (E-GENE) intake

45 min AFTER Energy I (E-GENE) 1 intake (1 tab)


BEFORE Energy I (E-GENE) intake

45 min AFTER Energy I (E-GENE) intake (1 tab)


BEFORE Energy I (E-GENE) intake

45 min AFTER Energy I (E-GENE) intake (1 tab)

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