The Process


Contact BARANOVA MONACO and ask for consultation. Precise the programme you are interested in or ask your questions, if needed.


Once you have chosen the programme and pay for the service, we provide you with specific detailed questionnaires to evaluate your current health, aging and brain status Programmes for Life.


It is recommended to come to the 1st consultation with already fulfilled questionnaires or send them by email before you come


During the 1st consultation Prof. Baranova will ask you additional questions, determine main steps of your future prevention/ anti-ageing programme. 1st consultation takes in general 2- 3 hours


If needed, additional advanced analyses in anti-ageing/ other are performed during your 1st visit. It is also recommended to bring with you any other results of analyses you have done during last 2 years


If needed, genetic test is performed during the 1st visit. Alternatively you can provide your previously obtained genetic results for prevention/ anti-ageing purposes, if it has been previously done.


BARANOVA MONACO has top quality laboratory services collaboration with leading laboratories in Europe, Monaco and international level.


In majority of cases the first step of recommendations is established during the 1st consultation.


It takes 3-6 weeks (according to the season) to get your genetic and anti-ageing results and perform your individual expertise and first version of day by day planning. Once all is ready, we contact you for the 2d main consultation.


Main consultation takes in general 3 hours and can be also done by skype for overseas clients. Your programme and individual planning is explained in details and always adapted to your current status, taste and biorhythms
Programmes for Life.


Further steps after the 2nd consultation depend on the type of programme you perform and your personal goals you’d like to achieve. Each case is treated individually
Programmes for Life.