Transform the energy of your genes into the energy of youth and success!

Transform the energy of your genes into the energy of youth and success!

The main hero of the new edition of MONACO magazine is ELENA BARANOVA , a rare example of a Russian woman living outside her homeland, who has built an extraordinary career in Europe and keeps on working actively with more than 20 countries in her professional field. Her unique programs and products in the field of genomics, hormonal individual regulations and increase of working capacity bring to her clients strength and taste for life and attract patients from all over the world.

The fourth-generation doctor in the family, Elena Baranova graduated from the Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University in Russia and came to study and work in England and France, where she completed and defended two theses and got the title of Professor after receiving the First International Prize for the best scientific work (Canada). Thus, Elena Baranova at the age of 33 became one of the youngest professors in France.

Professor Baranova is the author of many publications and books in different languages, the “Woman of the Year” prize winner for an outstanding career in France and Moscow, and today is a professor of medicine, an international expert in health genomics and personalized medicine, a member of the World Council for Anti-Aging Medicine, and just a fabulous woman agreed to give an interview to magazine «MONACO and COTE d’AZUR».

Elena, could you tell us about the main health risks of winter? And what is its origin?

Chronobiology is playing a key role for our health and the seasonal change in biorhythms. Indeed all living organisms and plants on the planet react not so much to temperature changes as to the duration of daylight hours. And this is what defines our biorhythms much more than temperature. Therefore, no matter the level of global warming, the length of daylight only matters and our biorhythms are following it. Our biorhythms become the weakest in November and March.

The older a person becomes, the stronger he feels chronobiological changes in rhythms. A decrease in various metabolic processes weakens the immune system, a decrease in the production of vitamin D, and the content of the main trace elements in the body — vitamins and antioxidants. Many fall ill during this interim period. But most importantly, we know what to do and how to properly build the body’s defense integratively — that is, combining the most effective methods in each case. I am glad to note that our patients who follow the recommendations practically stop catching a cold.

What do we need to know about the global warming today?

Global warming  means that winters are not just becoming warm, but as a fact winters now are much more humid, which creates a favorable environment for the rapid spread of infections. Recently, the warming of the planet has been superimposed by large movements of people from the south to the middle lane, and even to the northern regions — from the African continent throughout Europe. And this, of course, contributes to the spread of new, more aggressive viruses, infections, and intestinal diseases. It is also known that even malaria mosquitoes also migrate north.

What are things to pay attention first?

The key thing is to maintain immune system. That is why for patients of our Center in Monaco we conduct intensive courses to maintain metabolic processes in November and December, as well as in the second half of February and March. These months of chronobiological rearrangements are most vulnerable to a weakened organism. If you want to have a good winter and then stay healthy in spring, you need to take preventive intensive courses of taking vitamins and antioxidants in therapeutic dosages from November to March. Do not flatter yourself that multivitamins will help you with this. This works in the case of children whose metabolic processes are very active, but no longer applies to adults, especially after 35 years, when the activity of genes and hormones begins to decrease physiologically.
That is why the activation courses of our genes (the scientific term is gene expression) during periods of weakening biorhythms play one of the leading roles in maintaining health and immunity.

How to activate our genes?

For this, we have developed special genomic programs and products that regulate these processes. Key products include: LYCOGENE, BGENE, MINERAL ENERGY, EGENE. There are many years of research and clinical experience behind this. After all, it is very important to choose the antioxidants themselves and therapeutically effective working concentrations. The composition includes antioxidant molecules that affect the activity of genes, namely: lycopene, a group of vitamins B in a special combination, special trace elements, including vanadium and lanthanides, etc. Well, of course, I tried all this on my own: and genetic testing followed by the development of gene activation, and then created products.
It is interesting to note that gene regulation significantly increases the DETOX ability of the body. Many patients with joy and surprise notice the disappearance of the hangover syndrome, which is very important on holidays; as well as a surge of strength. We are talking about this on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL BARANOVA MONACO.