Youthfulness Through Genes

Youthfulness Through Genes

President of the EU Institute of Personalised Prevention and Health, Monaco, a professor of medical genetics and the author of numerous scientific and clinical publications, Elena Baranova is one of the world specialists in genomics and the creator of extraordinary anti-ageing programmes. Top flight.

Professor, you are a world specialist in genomics. Can you tell us something about it?

Genomics is to do with everything that enters our bodies and has an effect on how our genes work. These are not simply part of our DNA; they are alive, they vibrate, they regulate our emotions and support the energy of our existence! Decoding the genome in 2003 was a real revolution and since then much research, including my own, has been carried out. Genomics can influence the activity of our genes to improve our health, both mental and physical.

And this is what you have used to develop a product range?

Absolutely. The various dietary supplements that I have created activate and boost our genes, especially those concerned with detoxification or neurotransmitters. This way we are able to optimise and regulate the genes in quite an incredible way since ageing is the expression of diminishing genes.

Tell us about the “Haute Couture Prevention®” programme.

Being a doctor both of medicine and chemistry, I had the idea of creating a programme centred on eco-genetics: how does our daily environment influence us? During this personalised journey I study the genetic data of a patient and their lifestyle. I then come up with a programme of specific recommendations with real monitoring. People find they soon have more energy and are more balanced mentally and emotionally. It’s like a breath of fresh air!

Why did you decide to settle in Monaco?

I have travelled a lot in my life having studied in Russia, France and England and it turned out that following a meeting with the Monaco government I was made an offer. So it’s really Monaco that chose me and I’m delighted! I love this paradise which is so cosmopolitan and open to new ideas.